With an English/Indonesian background, I was born and raised in the Netherlands. I was always into sports since I was young. I started off doing karate when I was 9 until I was 16. After that, I did kickboxing for a couple of years and it was during this period I started going to the gym. I was lifting weights without a real goal or schedule. Back then the foods I was eating was nothing more than junk food.

I started going to flight school a year after I graduated from high school. Being based in a small village somewhere in the northern part of the Netherlands, where there was nothing more than the flight school, the airport, my home and the gym, it gave me a lot of free time. I focussed on going to the gym on a daily basis and it didn’t take long before people around me started to see that my body was changing and I started to receive compliments. It was a great feeling to see that hard work and dedication can actually pay off. These results made me more hungry and intrigued about “lifting weights”, so I started reading articles and books. This is where my love for the fitness really began. I found out that it’s a science on how your body reacts to weight lifting and the types of foods you eat. It did take me some years of trial and error before I found out what mistakes I was making in the gym and outside the gym. In the last couple of years, I feel I have mastered the whole “game”, especially when it comes to having a lifestyle which takes me away from home for up to 10 days. I’m constantly learning about different body types and the needs of my customers which enables me to keep learning about training and dieting on a monthly bases.

I am a pilot who graduated from the pilot academy when I was 21. It didn’t take me long before I was offered a job in Europe to fly the Boeing 737-800NG. I was based in Spain for a couple of years and I was flying to various destinations throughout Europe and Northern Africa. After 4 years I got hired at a different company where I started flying intercontinentally on the Boeing 787 dreamliner, based in various locations. After experiencing that for 4 years, I was ready to come back home. I got hired at a company based in the Netherlands, where I fly the Boeing 737. 

 While I was flying short haul, I was based in one place where I would start and finish. That gave me the opportunity to prepare my meals at home. With long haul flying, it’s a bit more challenging. You pass different time zones, you don’t have your own kitchen and it’s difficult to track your own food. This didn’t take away from my love for lifting weights of course but I had to take it to a whole new level, but it wasn’t impossible.

After getting my personal trainer certificate, I wanted to help people who are struggling to get fit and strong. Strength is one of the most important factors in life and I’d like to help you towards becoming the strongest version of yourself!