Starting off a diet can be really difficult for most people. Which diet shall I follow? What are calories and macros? Why am I always hungry? Is life even worth living?
How about not following a diet, but following a healthy lifestyle for the rest of your life. It shouldn’t be temporary, it should be permanent. Here are the two main rules that will get you leaner and healthier.

1. Eat single ingredient/whole foods.

In our modern society we’re used to eating processed foods all the time. It’s literally everywhere. Consider some of these reasons to favor unprocessed foods:

Single ingredient foods/whole foods on the other hand:

Examples of single ingredient foods:

This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. Training burns a lot of calories. I do advocate working out with barbells and/or dumbbells than doing cardio if losing weight is the goal, with the reason that someone with larger muscles burns more calories in a resting state than someone with smaller muscles. This is because their metabolism rises just to maintain the functioning of their muscles. Start off easy. Start off with going once or twice a week. Plan ahead so you can’t go around it, even though you don’t ‘feel’ like going.