Short Hotel Gym Circuit Workout

  • Goal: To raise your strength and conditioning
  • For who: Those who are traveling or stuck with a gym that doesn’t have barbells.
  • What do you need in the gym: Dumbbells
  • 3x a week, short workouts.


  1. Warmup
  2. The Program
  3. General Notes
  4. Movement Video’s


  • 10 min low intensity cardio. i.e. treadmill, bike, crosstrainer, rower etc
  • Warmup 1 round of the circuit with a lighter weight.

The Program:

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3
Circuit 5 rounds* Circuit 5 rounds* Circuit 5 rounds*
C1:Bulgarian Split Squat 10x per leg(holding dumbbells) C1: Step up 10x per leg (holding dumbbells) C1: Goblet Squat 10x
C2: Dumbbell Bench press 10x C2: Standing military press 10x C2: Incline Dumbbell Bench press 10x
C3: One arm dumbbell row 10x C3: Romanian Deadlift10x C3: Dual arm Dumbbell row 10x
Time 7 minutes** Time 7 minutes** Time 7 minutes**
Chin Ups***
As many reps as possible using submaximal sets.
30 seconds plank, then 30 seconds rest, repeat.
Chin Ups***
As many reps as possible using submaximal sets.

General Notes

  • *Circuit:
    5 rounds of 3 exercises (C1+C2+C3) with 1 min pause between rounds, so no resting within the circuit.
  • **7 minutes AMREP:
    Time 7 minutes and perform as many reps as possible using submaximal sets within the timecap. Take a rest of about 30-45 seconds between sets to recover. 
  • ***Chin-ups:
    • If you can’t perform chin-ups, start with jumping chin-ups. Grab the bar and use as little as possible  jumping force to pull yourself up and then lower yourself slowly (3 seconds down). Perform sets of 3 repetitions.
    • Once you’ve progressed to doing 1 chin-up, perform sets of 1 chin up.
    • Every week you’ll add a rep to your sets.
  • Focus on increasing weight every week on every lift. Take small steps weekly (i.e. steps of 2kg/lb) The key is getting stronger over time.
  • Use full range of motion.
    • The squats: crease of the hips must be below the the top of the kneecap.
    • Bench/military press: dumbbells must touch the chest/shoulders at the bottom
    • Every movement must be performed until lockout of the knees/elbows.

Movement Video’s

Note that the clips sometimes contain weightless or kettlebell exercises. We’re going to perform all the exercises with dumbbells.

Day 1
Bulgarian Split Squat:
Dumbbell Bench Press:
One Arm Dumbbell Row:

Day 2
Box (or bench) step-up:
Standing Military Press:
Romanian Deadlift:

Day 3
Goblet Squat:
Incline Dumbbell Bench Press:
Dual dumbbell row:

The Plank:
Chin Ups:


Brandon Dudley

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