3 easy ways to lose body fat

Here are 3 simple tips on losing some excess body fat

    1. Replace the sugary drinks. Examples are: cokes, sprite, coffee with milk/sugar, the Starbucks whip cream late’s, fruit juices etc. It can reduce daily caloric intake with almost 1000 calories in some cases. Replace those drinks with water, diet sodas, thee and coffee without sugar.
    2. Skip or postpone breakfast and stop eating at 07:00pm. It makes you “fast” for a long period of time. Next to some major health benefits fasting has, this makes sure you’ll have less time of the day to eat your meals. That results in you eating less throughout the day. But Brandon, isn’t breakfast the most important meal of the day? Thats a topic for another time. But the short answer is no.
    3. Stop snacking. Eat your main meals and stay at that. Stopping to snack can in some cases result in another 1000 calorie decrease in your total caloric intake.

Try them out and see the results!

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