Grocery shopping while traveling


As travellers we often eat out or get some quick snacks at the grocery store. It’s important for someone who is trying to stay in shape to know what types of food are healthy and convenient for you. There are a couple of factors to take in account. 

  • Is it healthy?
  • Is it easy to take with me?
  • How long will these foods stay good?

There are some great products which are sold in almost every supermarket. Let’s talk about them… 


Of course one of the best on the list is fruit. I would definitely go for bananas and apples. Really healthy and easy to eat and carry around. Stays good for a good amount of time. Whenever I travel I stuff my bags full of bananas!


A great source of carbohydrates and protein and sold in almost every supermarket. You can buy boxes with 10 packets (more or less 30-40 grams) of oatmeal. Easy to make in your hotelroom or on the go. Just mix it with hot water and voila! Lots of different flavours available and there are flavours with reduces sugar which I would recommend. If you want to go full healthy mode, you can go for the natural oatmeal flavour. Stays good forever and is easy to take with you!


Really healthy and one of the best fat sources around, plus they’re filling. You can buy them almost anywhere. One of the better nuts to eat are unsalted almonds. If you go for any nut source, then go for the unsalted ones. Another plus side, it stays good for a long time!

Beef Jerky

A great protein source and pretty much zero fat. Beef jerky tastes great and contains a lot of protein. It’s sold in almost every supermarket and is of course easy to take around.

Protein bars

A great filling snack with usually around 20 grams of proteins per bar. Great tastes available from different brands. The only downside is that they’re not available in every supermarket. Especially outside of the US they can be hard to find. So if you find a supermarket that sell them, stack on them. at the end of the day its a nice meal replacement with great macronutrients. Easy to take with you and easy to eat.

Boiled eggs

Not a lot of supermarkets sell boiled eggs ready to eat, but if you find them (mostly in a “to go” small supermarket) grab a couple. One of the best source of proteins and healthy fats and also one of the healthiest things you can eat! I eat 3 whole eggs daily and sometimes I even higher it to 5 eggs! Don’t throw out the egg yolks so quickly. I understand it contains more calories and its full of fats, but it contains a lot of great vitamins and minerals! The fats in the the yolks are actually the healthy and essential fats you need on a daily basis. Plus it fills you up! Good to add in a salad as well. The downside is that it expires quite quickly, so you have to eat them soon.

(Greek) Yoghurt

Almost sold in every type of supermarket and is rich in proteins and anti oxides. I almost always carry around a bucket of 500gr of greek yoghurt or Quark with me. Tastes even better if you add some fruits to it. I would go for the 0% fat ones. Only downside off course, you got to eat them quick!


One of the most important  part of traveling and even living in general is staying hydrated. Stack on water and make sure you always have plenty with you. Just go with the cheapest water and keep the bottle so you can refill it on a later stage. I try to drink at least around 3 to 4 litres of water a day!


These were just a couple of great groceries I normally carry around. Please leave a comment if you have other great grocery on the go ideas! Hope this all helps! 

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