4 easy ways to workout when traveling

Its a challenging thing to workout if you’re in a different country for a few days or maybe even for weeks. Luckily there are some methods to stay in shape with this “dilemma”.

Do full body workouts

If you’re just doing split routines (e.g. Monday chest Tuesday legs etc), you’ll probably need at least 4 days to train all your muscle groups in one week. The funny thing is you can accomplish the same in 1 day with a full body workout. You could even hit the same muscle groups twice in a week by just working out two days. Check out my free ebook to see the reason why doing full body workouts are beneficial and it also contains a free program to follow. Click here to download:  http://www.globallifter.com/downloads/free-training-go-e-book/

Find an external gym to train in and ask for a free day pass

Most gyms in the world give free day passes to “try out” the gym. Do research on they’re website, or just hop by the gym itself. This is certainly handy if you’d like to workout with barbells (which i’d always recommend anyway).

Book a hotel with a gym, and use it! (+ westbound flyer bonus)

Self explanatory.  If you’re traveling towards the west for instance (west is da best), big chance you’ll wake up earlier than you would back home. Instead of lying in bed at 05:00am crying about breakfast not being available yet, go to the hotel gym and get that out of the way for the day! You literally have no excuse if you know that the gym is just a minute walk from your room. Once you’ve finished, you’re ready for some well deserved breakfast.

Explore the destination

A way to do some “cardio” is to explore your destination by foot or by bike. Cycling around a city or even making 20.000 steps through it, is a fantastic way to explore new things and to do burn off some calories.

If you know any more tips, share them down below!