Exercise vs Training, are you wasting your time?

Are you actually aware of what you are doing while working out? What is actually the difference between exercising and training?


Exercising is performing movements that makes you feel better on a given day and possibly the whole given week. There is no long term progression planned while exercising. An example of exercising is:

  • performing 50 burpees followed by 30 skippy ball sit ups and then walking 20 minutes on a treadmill. You’ll do variations of this workout every week and its making you sweat on the given moment and it will make you sore on the day after. This will give the individual the feeling that he/she has done something productive. But in the long term its not doing that much for your body to adapt.
  • another example is jogging 5 km twice a week, every week. Unless you’re adding a couple of meters every week, you’re body will adapt to this and will not progress.

The principle of Stress -> recovery -> adaptation does not apply to exercising (except the first couple of weeks of performing a movement you’ve never done before). Therefore the individual will never progress.


Training is a process in which an individual focusses on getting better at a given movement/sport. i.e.

  • becoming a better football player
  • becoming a stronger mma fighter
  • becoming a faster sprinter.

The simple principle of Stress -> recovery -> adaptation applies to training. You’ll have to have a logic progression system, otherwise your body has no reason to adapt and get better/stronger. An example of a program could be

  • Adding weight to your squat every week
  • Adding repetitions to your bench press every week with the same weight
  • adding 500m to your run every couple of weeks.

Which is better?

There’s no good or bad. Exercising will always beat the sedentary lifestyle. Just don’t expect your body to change or improve if exercise is the only thing that you’re doing. My opinion is that progressing is way more motivating. It gives you a drive to come back every week.

What are you doing during your workouts? What do you prefer out of the two?

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